Our Union is unique to the fact that we operate from the “bottom up”, not like Big Business “top down”. So the Rank and File decide on their future, their direction, their conditions, etc. District and National Official assist in communicating rules, motions, and industrial matters. District Officials also assist Lodges with the Workplace Agreements and day to day industrial issues. Questions, concerns and motions that affect the District or Rules are passed to your Board of Management member through your Lodge Delegates. From your Board Member it will be discussed by the Board and District Officials (Administration Committee). Decisions made for either by the District Board or passed to Central Councillors to take it to Central Council for discussion. From the discussions either a Resolution or a Decision is made to resolve the particular question, concern or motion. This is now communicated to either the particular District or Lodge, or a Resolution is formed to be communicated to all Members nationwide to vote on be made aware of.

The ISHR or “checkie” as we know them are one of the most important people within our industry. They are empowered to make companies to comply with legislation. Equally they are there to make us work as safe as possible. The ISHR have mine site equivalents the “SSHR” Site Safety Health Representative also have powers under legislation that look after our safety and make the Companies comply at the Workplace.